Camp Cove Swim was launched in October 2013 by Katherine Hampton. The brand was launched with a small collection of seven shapes in two prints. After producing their first collection in-house, Camp Cove Swim partnered with a swim manufacturer based in Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW, Australia to increase production capacity. Our swimsuits are still made with Chamila and her team to this day.

Camp Cove Swim believes in the beauty of the female form in all its different shapes and colours. We aim to empower woman, to challenge the beauty standards that are presented to us every day and to encourage our customers to love and respect their bodies. 

Camp Cove Swim values our environment and endeavours to create garments of minimal waste and high quality. This ethos has been important to our brand from day one. We incorporate recycled materials were possible, use minimal packaging and use sustainable, ethical practices in our manufacturing.